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   Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you will find some articles in which I wish to answer some questions that may be burning in your mind or others. I am always open to questions, so if you have any, just e-mail them to me at mike@mikeschristiancorner.com and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

   As for me, I walked down an aisle to accept Jesus many years ago, just like millions of others have, said a little prayer, but then led my life how I wanted. I led a life I have not been proud of for many years until God tugged on my heart through my oldest son. I know now, if I had died before that time, before I submitted myself to Him, I would have a fate of eternity in Hell. Please read the article "The Plan of Salvation" below, as you may very well be in the same situation. I have come to know the Lord in a way I could have never imagined before. I have taken upon me the tasks of whatever God has set before me to do. I know now what He wants from me and I am listening whole-heartedly. The existence of God, the one TRUE God, is unquestionable. The salvation paid for by Jesus Christ is undeniable. The Bible as His Word is infallible. Those who choose to try and pick the Gospel apart, I have answers for, and will post them here as time permits. The Holy Bible is the one true Word that has stood the test of time. Any contradiction you show, there is a reason you cannot see the truth due to not having a close enough walk with God to understand, or as in most cases, is proven that someone has convoluted it or translated it into a way that they try to promote their theory. ALL of these have been disproved over time, but people do not like to let you know this. God WANTS you to know this, and you have a GREAT need to know and understand before it is too late. Please find several articles for your learning needs. Also, ANYTHING on these pages is yours to use as you will. We own nothing, and come up with nothing on our own. As we are told in Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun. God Blesses each of us with different things. My statement of faith can be found by clicking here... Statement of Faith.


The Plan of Salvation- Whether you have been calling yourself a Christian for many years, or are looking to find out how to become a child of God, this is probably the most important message I have on my site. In fact, I know it is.  


Thought Provoking Devotionals & Articles- Come on in and check out some of the articles and devotionals the Lord has blessed me with. Maybe you've got some thoughts on them?  **UPDATED** 10/15/15

Contradictions in the Bible?- How many times have you heard atheists say there are contradictions in the Bible? TV shows, the news, etc. And many take that at face value without searching for truth. This list will be updated as I am able. Let's look. **UPDATED** 5/24/16

The Rapture- When Are You Leaving?- Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib...what's it all mean? When is Jesus returning and what part of the judgments do we live through? Look inside.

Revelation Study- A study into the Book of Revelation, chapter by chapter. The Apostle John was given this prophecy by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Let's unlock the doors of this mystery together, and look and see what God has revealed about the end times.

Psalms Thinking Points- A series with a devotional and thought provoking look into the Book of Psalms. **UPDATED** 3/9/14

Intercessory Prayer- So you want to be a prayer intercessor? Not sure of how to go about it? Don't know what the best method is? What is the best book? A look at how a Christian can know how to perform this duty. **NEW** 8/18/16

Bold and Beautiful- Searching for a way to  reach the world for Jesus? Does the fear of failure cripple you? Do you have enough answers to questions people may ask? Have a look.

Tithing. Do I Have to Give 10%- Is it 10% that I have to give? What about more? What about less? Why does my preacher keep talking about it?

Jesus on Divorce and Remarrying- What grounds are there for divorce? Did Jesus speak on it? As Christians, whose voice will we follow, His or man's?

Pornography- Adultery/Fornication of the Mind- Isn't just a simple naked scene in a movie ok? Is looking at a naked picture admiring beauty that God made? Let's look Biblically.

Is Homosexuality a Sin?- Let's look at five arguments used to try and justify homosexuality and see what God tell us about being gay. Can someone be a homosexual and be a Christian?

Is Homosexuality a Sin? Part-2 Answering the Critics?- From people trying to twist scripture, to those who mis-interpret Greek, all the way down to those who accuse me of hate.

Jesus in History- Was Jesus real? Was He just a myth. The secular world, thanks to the atheists, have influenced many to believe this saying there is no proof outside the Bible. Christians are left speechless. Not any more!

Explaining the Trinity (on Jesus Christ's behalf)- The Trinity. The word is not in the Bible, but the teaching certainly is. To deny the divinity of Jesus Christ as Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses do, puts you in grave danger, because you do not have the God of the Bible!

Explaining the Trinity Part 2 (The Holy Spirit)- This article picks up where the first ended. Is the Holy Spirit some impersonal active force? Is the holy Spirit just a created being? Or is the Holy Spirit a part of God?

The Bible in a Nutshell- What is the message in the Bible? Cover to cover it is a love story between God and man. Why are we here? What is our purpose? What happened to get us to this point. Here is the bible in a nutshell.

How the Bible has Maintained God's Word- No doubt you have heard someone tell you there is no way that what is in the Bible is God's Word as He spoke them. To those that scoff, how about a little history? Maybe you are a Christian that does not know the path that God's Word has taken to get to us in the true form we see it today in the King James Version Bible.

Does It Really Matter What Bible Version You Use?- KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT, the Message. Textus Receptus, Alexandrian Texts, new, and old. What's all the fuss. It shouldn't matter anyway right?

License to Lie- Would you like to be able to lie? How about somewhere in the Bible that shows it is ok? All newer versions give you what you ask for.

The One True God- The One True God exists only in the true from of Christianity. Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, etc, fall far short of anything God had in His Master Plan. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Read on and see.

Prayer Cloths, Anointing Oils, & Money Blessings- Sunday morning TV at its finest. What's the story behind all of this? Is it being used properly. What does the Bible have to say about it? Some of this will surprise you on how it is misinterpreted.



(yes, it is listed as a religion, because it takes faith to believe the lies).

Death of Atheism/Evolution. 3 Proofs There is a God- You want proof, you got it. Scientifically, morally, and logically.

Evolution and the Simple Cell- Did life really come from a puddle of goo, the primordial soup? What's the proof? Can we believe it. Atheists would love for you to follow the lie.

Science versus God's Holy Word- Just how smart is man? Apparently, some think smarter than God. Big-bang, evolution, gap theories, and more. We have made the Bible fit science versus keeping it as the authority. Science is fallible and full of holes, God's Word is infallible.


Arnold Murray / Shepherd's Chapel

Unraveling the Serpent Seed- Serpent seed, kenites, offspring .....what's all this about? Where did it come from? More important, is it really Biblical?

Arnold Murray. False Teacher. False Prophet- Arnold Murray pastors a church called the Shepherd's Chapel. Beware! So many have been deceived. Things you need to know.

Arnold Murray's Failed Prophecies- Click this link to view a video with the excerpts from the tape  in which Arnold Murray made his failed predictions. He is a false prophet and should be avoided.


Seventh Day Adventism (SDA)

A Look at Seventh Day Adventism: Are Jesus and Michael the Archangel the Same?- Aren't SDA's Christians? What's their view on Jesus? And does it matter?

Is the Sabbath on Saturday? Looking at the SDA Doctrine.- The 7th Day Adventists hold that we must abide by the Law that the Sabbath is on Saturday. Could this be true? What are the consequences if it is or isn't?



Masonry. The Lie of Satan- Aren't Mason's good people and don't they do a lot of good things? Sure. So why should a Christian have nothing to do with being one? Look inside and see.

Occult/Satanic Symbols in Masonry, Shriners, Order of the Eastern Star, and More- As a follow up article to the previous, we see that these organizations abound in things that are not of Christ.


Why the Jews Reject Jesus as Their Messiah- God chose Israel long ago as His people. YHWH, the One True God has blessed them and delivered them time and again.....and will once more. So why when all the prophecies were there, pointing to Jesus, did they reject Him? The answer may actually surprise you.

Did the Jews Miss Their Messiah- How are you forgiven of your sins? What did the decree to rebuild the temple have to do with anything? Did the Messiah come or are Christians wrong?

        Answering the Critics: Did the Jews Miss Their Messiah- Follow-up question/objections from Rabbi Moss that are answered.The original article is shown to stand.

Jesus in Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)- The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is the most important day in the Jewish year. There is a striking fact about it most Jews have missed.


Catholic Practice Revealed- Things many devout Catholics don't even know. Take a look into this faith and see where they tell God & the Bible "NO!". See where much of the Protestant world has followed in their footsteps with things such as changing the Sabbath to Sunday. Many are being led astray from practices derived from the Roman Catholic Church.

The One True Jesus Does Not Live at Their Address- The Christian faith. So many fall under this title, but so many have different views. Catholicism is said to be the earliest form of Christianity; however, it is apart from what the Disciples actually started. Take a close look. Are you saved? Are you truly saved? There is only one TRUE Jesus and only one way to Heaven. No man on this earth can forgive sins. Jesus is your only atonement.


Jehovah's Witness

Answering Jehovah's Witnesses on John 17:3- How can Jesus be God if Jesus is human and God is a spirit? Not the same anser you have been getting, not an answer you are prepared for. **NEW** 4/8/16

Scans of the New World Translation (NWT)- Have you ever seen a NWT Bible from before 1975? I would like you to see just 4 pages out of one from 1961. It's amazing.

Questions for my Jehovah's Witness Friends- These should be questions you should have thought of before you joined the Jehovah's Witnesses. You still have time to change your mind. I bet you can't answer these!!

Multiplied Figurative Thinking- The Jehovah's Witnesses stake a huge claim in 144,000 people here on earth being the anointed ones, and that it will come from them! Where do they get this number? How does it all work? What is going on? If they truly looked at this, they would change their minds!

The Spirit Watch- So you want to be a Jehovah's Witness? Are you sure? I mean are you REALLY sure. I don't think you will be after you read this. Without a doubt, the Jehovah's Witness is a cultist group and should be avoided at all costs. Read this from two former Jehovah's Witnesses that were lead to the Truth.


Mormons, Latter Day Saints, Reorganized Latter Day Saints

Contradictory Mormon Doctrine- Exactly what do Mormons believe? It's hard to say. Apparently, THEY don't even know. Take a look and see for yourself!!

Do Mormons Deny Jesus- You've seen their contradictions, where did this religion come from? Who do they view as God? The answers will astound you.

Mormons' Three Witnesses- The Mormons rely heavily on testimony of three "witnesses". You will be surprised at what they said that the Mormons hide.

The Angel Moroni- So just who is this mysterious angel of Mormon? Fact or fiction? The Mormon doctrine is based around this angel. See the truth here.

Mormon Mathematics- They claim that if you bring them what you have, they can add to it. Hmmph! I think their addition equals subtraction. Let's see what you think.

Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints (RLDS)- What?? Inspired by God, with the "Jesus-Reborn Joseph Smith" and you had to reorganize? Say it ain't so! How can this be?

Total Apostacy- Excuse me? What did you say? Which of Joseph Smith's versions do you believe? Better yet, WHY would you believe either? Truly the work of a false prophet.


Islam, Muslims

Islam by Sword or Word- Where does the god of Islam come from? Who was Muhammad anyway? Who is Allah? Is it the same God as the one TRUE God? Not even close!

Is Allah the Same as the One True God?- So many people, even Christians claim this is the same God. So many people are wrong. An in depth look into the subject.



Buddah or Jesus- What you really need to know on this. There is no question, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!